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Joseph Roach





 PhD Candidate in Criminal Justice 

 Masters of Science in Criminal Justice with Concentration in Critical Incident Management

 Bachelor of Arts in Criminology

 Languages: English, Russian, Spanish


Joseph is a highly respected International Drug Enforcement Leader and Security Manager with over 35 years of outstanding strategy and program leadership experience with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO), and St. Pete Beach, Florida Police Department (SPBPD). His notable expertise includes international criminal/financial investigative processes, risk/crisis management, cross-cultural collaboration, budget control, strong relationship management responsibilities throughout all levels of domestic/foreign government and law enforcement/military agencies.  Joseph is a talented leader who leverages strengths, clearly defines goals, and works closely with each individual to build highly productive and proactive teams. Skilled in leading personnel in multi-site security and law enforcement operations, physical/personal security programs.


COUNTRY ATTACHÉ  San Salvador, El Salvador

Joseph served as the principal advisor to the U.S. ambassador on all international narcotics and drug-related matters including legislative change requirements, current trends, and recommendations.  He supervised a team of special agents and administrative personnel, developing information and informational sources, and organized criminal investigations. He has established and maintained collaborative relationships with Department of State (DOS) officials, other U.S. agencies and, host nation counterparts to ensure support of enforcement projects and anti-money laundering programs. Implemented the Narcotics Country Action Plan that complements DEA’s international operational mission, and was the primary coordinator for DEA’s investigative advisory, intelligence, training, and operational programs in El Salvador.

  1. Demonstrated comprehensive relationship management skills by developing a deep understanding of both cultural norms and individual personalities to cultivate genuine relationships within the El Salvador government.

  2. Leveraged expert investigative knowledge to assess program effectiveness, counsel local law enforcement officials, devise strategy, report progress, and drive improvements to satisfy the DEA mission.

  3. Member of the U.S. Embassy Country Team, Law Enforcement Working Group, Emergency Action Committee and Inter-Agency Housing Board, Embassy Awards Committee.

Joseph has coordinated global operations working with all elements of law enforcement as well as US Military. He is responsible for developing strategies with the goal of infiltrating and dismantling global criminal organizations.  Joseph reviews, analyzes, and directs investigative operations related to financial intelligence gathered thru Banking Secrecy Act. Joseph coordinates investigative operations in order to identify all members and assets of international criminal organizations.


Joseph has been responsible for the management of DEA law-enforcement, intelligence, regulatory, and money laundering programs in the Southern District of Georgia.  He has designed administrative processes and enforcement protocols.  Built a strong team by assessing individual performance, identifying opportunities, defining goals, and repositioning individuals to utilize their strengths.  Joseph developed policies and procedures, secured information sources, and managed criminal investigations to drive intelligence based drug enforcement operations throughout the local area, the U.S., and internationally.  Coordinated and supervised the physical security of the DEA facility, personnel, and assets as well as implementing the Emergency Preparedness Continuity of Operations Plan in accordance with DEA and Department of Justice Guidelines.


As a Senior Special Agent criminal Investigator, Joseph was assigned to the enforcement group which initiated the US Government’s most successful multi-agency maritime interdiction program. The program was responsible for the seizure of over 300 tons of cocaine. Joseph investigated and indicted numerous high level international narcotics traffickers and money launderers. Joseph built extensive working coalitions with Department of Defense, Federal and State and Local components in an effort to expand maritime interdiction. A Clandestine Laboratory Coordinator for the Miami Field Division, with responsibility for budget, training and logistical matters for all certified clandestine laboratory investigators in the State of Florida.


As a Special Agent criminal Investigator, Joseph integrated DEA operations and investigations as part of the New Orleans Field Division. A member of the Mobile Enforcement Team, with the responsibility for conducting criminal investigation in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Arkansas.  Joseph worked joint investigations with State and Federal law enforcement components on daily basis.  Conducted numerous investigations while working in an undercover capacity.


His early career Includes 13 years as a sworn law enforcement officer.


St. Pete Beach Police

 Uniform Patrol Officer

 Field Training Officer


Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office

 Uniform Patrol Deputy

 Field Training Officer

 Detective Organized Crime Division

 First Line Supervisor Organized Crime Division

Drug Diversion Prevention, Criminal Investigations, Operations Management, Personal Security, Reporting & Presentations, International Laws/Customs, Team Leadership, Mentoring & Coaching, Program Management, Physical Security, Conflict Resolution, Budget/Cost Control, Special Technical Experience, Intelligence Collection, Risk/Crisis Management, Diplomacy, Global Terrorism.

Diana Tsai






 Industrial Engineering

 Languages: Spanish, Mandarin, Taiwanese, English



Diana was born in Santa Cruz de La Sierra, Bolivia to Taiwanese parents. Her father, an immigrant from Taitung and her mother an immigrant from Chiayi, both left Taiwan for Bolivia in pursuit of a better life.  In spite of her parents limited Spanish proficiency and no practical English proficiency, Diana speaks 4 languages fluently (Spanish, English, Taiwanese, and Mandarin). Diana’s cultural background has been sculpted by living in Argentina, Ecuador, Paraguay, Taiwan, and El Salvador.  Diana considers San Salvador her home, the city where she lived for 20 years before coming to the United States.

Diana is an accomplished, innovative, achievement-oriented executive with deep experience in empowering corporations to unlock their potential to thrive in our interconnected world, she helps organizations to move forward and envision the future. Diana possesses a proven ability to build and operate companies, and a recognized capacity to execute developed strategies to deliver projects achieving transformational results. Her strategies and tactics has allowed her to establish effective sales pipelines and win businesses.

Diana’s five fundamental principles: Integrity, Quality, Collaboration, Diversity, and Longevity is the foundation on which ARC has been built. ARC is a leading, independent organization that leverages the world-class expertise of its professionals, and assist in navigating its clients through the most critical business opportunities and challenges in order to enhance enterprise value. An expert in multi-functional management, a talented leader who leverages strengths, and clearly defines goals; she works closely with each individual to build highly productive and proactive teams. She has a proven track record of building, growing and leading global businesses as they extend into new service lines and global geographies. Diana is recognized for her innovative thinking, her passion to motivate and empower teams. 

Prior to devoting her work fulltime to ARC, Diana developed strong business relationships in Central America, where she directed collaborative operations with local government and private industry. Her responsibilities involved strategy development, execution of key engagements, and assisting clients to overcome complex business challenges.

Diana is an active member of the Medical Reserve Corp (MRC), she is committed to make a positive difference in the community. Her volunteering experience includes feeding the homeless, supporting orphanages, supporting nursing homes, and interpreting for Limited English Proficient communities. 

Private Investigator, International Trade, Regulatory Compliance, Risk Management, Strategic Partnerships, Competitive Analysis, Team Leadership, Translation, Interpretation, Manufacturing, Product Development, Plant Operations, Quality Control, Import/Export.

Our Team


Industry Leading Expertise

The ARC team is powered by DEA Compliance Experts, FDA Compliance Experts, former Sp
ecial Agents, Diversion Investigators, Experts in Regulatory Compliance, Controlled Substances Act (CSA), Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Regulatory Compliance Attorneys, Pharmacists, respected public and private sector Security Professionals, and former State and Federal Law Enforcement Agents. 

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